Whatever it is your need in terms of forged and machined components for heating systems Bossini mario s.r.l guarantees you with more than 30 years experience of supplying to the most important and well know Italian producers of valves and component for heating, boilers and hot water flow control systems.

The dedicated co-design service and industrial department assists and solves technical requirements of each customer using sophisticated software of forging simulation producing parts without defects.

To follow the new requirement of absence of internal Ni-Plating on machined items Bossini Mario s.r.l is able to machine forged plated valve with a perfect clean inner surface of your valve.

Bossini Mario s.r.l realizes heating and water heating parts also in alloy with low or zero lead alloys as brass CW510L (0,2% Pb) or ECObrass/CuPHIN Si alloy (Pb max 0,08%).

Sanitary or potable water must be treated with the right alloy following European and American standards concerning lead quantity in Brass.

The new European regulations need 10 μg/l in the water while American standard speaks about 0,20% in the alloy used for producing the brass faucet.

If in Europe they define the "house water" generally as water for human consummation (without difference among kitchen or bathroom taps, bath tube or shower) in USA they consider only drinking water (kitchen and bathroom) not including faucets for bath tube and showers.

Bossini Mario s.r.l follows the customer needs with a service of forging and machining using all the alloys accepted in Europe (CW617N - DW, CW626N, CW510L, CW725R Aqcuarin , CW724R Ecobrass ) and in USA ( CW510L and CW724R Ecobrass)

Food is a business sector where the choice of materials is really important for guaranteeing safety in your health. Metals in general are the best materials respect to plastic and organic compounds due to the fact plastics help the proliferation of bacteria as legionella (bacteria are organic as plastic and they found there the perfect substrate to live and reproduce).

Among metals Copper and Copper Alloys are the best choice in terms of health and cleanliness, in fact Cu is a noble metal as Silver and Gold with characteristics that stop the reproduction of organic microorganisms (copper is so clean that the IUD contraceptive feminine spiral is made with this material).

Bossini Mario s.r.l advices to produce Coffee and Beer brass parts in ECO alloy with low or zero lead brass as CW510L (0,2% Pb) or ECObrass/CuPHIN Si alloy (Pb max 0,08%).

Refrigeration and conditioning are the symbols of our wellness and right way to conserve and protect food. To transport and use the refrigeration and conditioning gases worldwide regulations allow especially metals.

Brass is the preferable Non-Ferrous alloy for its characteristics in term of cleanness and about industrial use the best material for producing parts by forging and machining technology.

Bossini Mario s.r.l follows the customer with a service of forging and machining using all the most well-known brass alloys in the market: CW617N, CW625N, CW626N, CW510L, CW724R and more.

Gas means safety, you could speak about gas for your house (CNG or LPG) or even more critical concerning Medical Gas and and we can affirm that one of the best, safe and clean material for the valves and component in this special business and technical branch is brass.

Bossini Mario is here to support you for realizing Non Ferrous Forged and Machined component in copper alloys according to customer’s drawing.

Bossini Mario s.r.l follow the customer needs with a service of forging and machining using all the standard brass alloys as special alloys dedicated to this sector as the high tensile brass CW722R (CuZn39AlFeMn) with a restricted aluminum content, enabling it to be soldered and brazed.

Transform your ideas in reality is our mission.

We put at your service our technologies, skill and experiences since 1974 for realizing your component in Non Ferrous Alloys in totally different sectors.

We are able to help you with co-design studies for a better and economical shape of your forged and machined parts maintaining the same initial characteristic you need.

The flexibility of our plant allows us to be supported by external partners in assembling and coating (aesthetical and protective).

Bossini Mario s.r.l, not just brass!

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