TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT As we are a Non-Ferrous Forging and Machining Company according with customers’ drawing, we let the R&D design of your own parts in your hands as we are here to help you with the best technical development of your parts when must be forged and machined for realizing safe sure and economically fair products.

In our structure we have technical persons dedicated to design forge mould and machining tools only for your item.

All projects start with a 3D forging simulation to be sure your part will be completed and without defects during standard production process.

FORGING Forging is our culture since 1974. We have presses to produce part till 5 kg in different shapes for different sectors.

Our forging production is guaranteed by our high standard of control starting from the forging 3D simulation step.

If in the past 99% of production was in standard brass CW617N (once in Italy the name was OT58) with 2% of lead now we regularly produce parts in new DZR materials (CW626N) and ECOamerica alloys as CW510L and zero lead Si alloys as CW724R (ECObrass /CuPHIN ).

We started also with an Aluminum division for stamping Aluminium series 6000.

MACHINING Current focus at Bossini Mario srl is also Machining with a complete new and modern plant for machining brass parts in Villa Carcina (BS).

The new company for making machining use Multicenter machines to realize difficult and complicated parts in right lot reducing the setting time for a fair final price to the customer.

We continue to be supported by our reliable partners to supply industrial quantities to final customers.

Come to see our new structure!

SURFACE TREATMENTS We really think beauty is a fundamental characteristic of your parts. It is for that reasons we pay a very maniacal attention to the aesthetic of your components, also if industrial.

We have a special sandblasting system in house, while for coating we have partnership with specialized companies for plating brass and anodizing aluminum.

Of course, we can follow special requests for sanitary polished and chromed taps and faucets…

ASSEMBLING In case you need assembled parts, you could ask us and we will be happy to satisfy your expectation about mounted and assembled items.

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